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Photo 48/365. Tuesday, 17th Feb 2015.

Photo 48/365. Tuesday, 17th Feb 2015.

– suppose to go out for an appointment at 1pm but I delayed them & went off around 2pm because of you. Yes! You! Love you Aareesa!

P/s: no wonder lah daddy dia susah sangat nak gi office. Hahahaa!!!


Photo 47/365. Monday, 16th Feb 2015.

Photo 47/365. Monday, 16th Feb 2015.

– Volkswagen Beetle Treasure Hunt.

26/250 is part of the HW City series and the 2015 Treasure Hunt set. The pink car is embellished with orange, yellow, green, and blue graphics on the sides and top with a peace symbol and the Hot Wheels logo also on the sides. The hood has a yellow and green graphic with the low production symbol. There are blue tinted windows, a blue interior, and an unpainted metal Malaysia base. The Muscle Car 5-Spoke wheels are blue & white in the front and yellow & white in the back.

Various castings of the VW Beetle have made appearances as Treasure Hunts. This version was previously in the 1995 set.

Source: hwtreasure.com


Photo 37/365. Friday, 6th Feb 2015. The Weekend Project!


– Salam Jumaat semua. I think this would be great if i put my old bike’s frame on the wall as shown. kan? Let’s do this sucka!!!

Photo 36/365. Thursday, 5th Feb 2015.

Photo 36/365. Thursday, 5th Feb 2015.

– Hari ni, kami only managed to complete plus minus 37km. Strong wind at the top of the hill. Forcing us to pedal slow. Average speed, 11km/h & Max Speed, 62km/h.
p/s: Sempat jumpa Pro Man & Pro Anuar masa kat Genting Sempah. Nampak Pro Anuar busy dengan bawak tiub basikal dia kehulu dan kehilir menantikan pertolongan sebab bocor. Lalu Tuan Al Qareem menghulurkan penampal tayar yang dibeli dikedai Sami. From Genting Sempah, kami ride turun sama sama until Gombak, kami berpecah. diorang terus kayuh to Keramat. Perghh…Dmars, jangan cakap Curb tak kayuh dengan HMR. Tadi dah ride. kah kah kah.