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Photo 37/365. Friday, 6th Feb 2015. The Weekend Project!


– Salam Jumaat semua. I think this would be great if i put my old bike’s frame on the wall as shown. kan? Let’s do this sucka!!!

Photo 28/365. Wednesday, 28th Jan 2015. Gonna be riding for more than 40KM on Thursday.


– Tayar golek pagi nanti. Yakni, pagi Khamis, 7.30am, 29th Jan 2015. Cycling route, Gombak, Genting Sempah, Janda Baik, Bentong. Yaheee…Mari tengok, muntah hijau ke tak.

Photo 26/365. Monday, 26th Jan 2015.

Photo 26/365. Monday, 26th Jan 2015.

– I am not working. I am just completing tasks given. I don’t have an office but i have a place to make me smile & do what i love most.