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Photo 49/365. Wednesday, 18th Feb 2015.

– Esok Offroad! Dah tak nampak kerja dah. Yahooo!

Photo 48/365. Tuesday, 17th Feb 2015.

Photo 48/365. Tuesday, 17th Feb 2015.

– suppose to go out for an appointment at 1pm but I delayed them & went off around 2pm because of you. Yes! You! Love you Aareesa!

P/s: no wonder lah daddy dia susah sangat nak gi office. Hahahaa!!!


Photo 37/365. Friday, 6th Feb 2015. The Weekend Project!


– Salam Jumaat semua. I think this would be great if i put my old bike’s frame on the wall as shown. kan? Let’s do this sucka!!!